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QUAY is dedicated to providing personalized services that will enhance values in every phase of a hotel investment.



Hospitality Expertise in every phase of Hotel Investment!


QUAY is dedicated to providing personalized services that will enhance values in every phase of a hotel investment.

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Company Overview

Quay Hospitality is dedicated to guiding the efforts and protecting the interests of hotel owners and investors.

From the due diligence necessary in acquiring or developing a hotel and through every phase of ownership and including disposition, Quay advises and provides services that enable owners to make informed decisions and successfully execute them to enhance the hotel’s value. We are not consultants. Our goal is to develop a relationship and trust that allows us to become an extension of the owner’s team or company.

  • Operating experience through every level of the hotel industry
  • International client base
  • Franchise experience with Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Choice, Wyndham, Radisson, Red Lion
  • Renovation and PIP management expertise
  • Strategic acquisition success record
  • Broad base of relationships with management companies and industry suppliers

Professional Services

Quay’s services provide owners and investors the expertise and recommendations necessary to address all stages of hotel ownership.

Whether planning a new development, an acquisition, negotiating a franchise or management agreement, a renovation or needing to improve operation results, Quay will tailor a service to those needs.

Services offered include:
  • Asset Management
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • New Development Planning
  • Franchise/Management Agreement Negotiating
  • Project Management for Renovation/PIP
  • Dispositions including Brokerage selection/management


Quay’s team brings a wealth of hotel operations and hospitality industry experience to its assignments.


QUAY'S founder and CEO, John has had wide ranging experiences in the hotel and hospitality industry over the past 30+ years. Starting in hotel sales and marketing and then into General Manager positions, John then extended his range into regional and corporate roles that included operations and development. Moving from the US to Australia in the 1990's John was Renaissance Managing Director, Australia Oceania and later the CEO and a founder of Stamford Hotels, Australia/New Zealand. Upon returning to the USA, John founded Quay Hospitality with the intent of working directly with hotel owners and owning companies to ensure there was an open bridge between the owner and the myriad of organizations that are involved in developing, acquiring, operating, franchising, renovating, financing and selling a hotel among other things.

John has always surrounded himself with intelligent, dedicated, inquisitive, empathetic individuals with a sense of humor and whose goal, like his, is to make hospitality successful and profitable.


Having developed, acquired and managed a large number of hotels throughout their careers, Quay's associates bring a wealth of experience to an owner or investor. This experience is extensive and well-diversified by brand, market and property type. Experience guaranteed to improve your asset.

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